​​​Welcome to Ameriway Charities fundraising page!  As you read through this page, some of you will get a tear in your eye. There will be those in shock and disbelief.  Others smiling and joyous as to what we are going to accomplish.  Some may even get angry and turn away from the page. There may even be a few that laugh saying that it cannot be that bad?  

         No matter what your emotion is, we ask that you do THREE simple things.  First, please read this entire story although it is a little long there are a lot of things that we are doing and many more things that we want to do.  Second, find it in your heart to reach into your pocket to support us and donate. Third, we ask that you forward this campaign to every person in your facebook, on your Instagram, and your Snapchat. Tweet this link to all of your followers and share with your LinkedIn profile.  Share this story with the people you run into at the grocery store, at the gas station or even the bar or casino as you spend your hard earned dollars and before you head back to the space that you call home.

          Ameriway Charities is a 501c3  Visit us at for details.  Together our mission in 2018 is to continue to run our regular programs; helping people in need. However, one of our large focus initiatives will be the HOMELESSNESS in Southern Nevada and those with emergencies.

          Let me ask, what would you consider an emergency? 

1. The bank is going to repossess my Mercedes Benz; I need to borrow $647.00. or...
2. I can’t go to the movies because I can’t afford the soda and popcorn. How about; 
3. I need $110.00 or they are going to cut off my cable TV. 

If these were our emergencies and all that we had to worry about, we could live with them.  
          Now think about this situation: what if you had lost everything and you were living on the streets? What if you had NO home to live in, no shelter to get out of the in climate weather, nowhere to lay your head, NO food nor money to purchase any. (What happened, how did we lose it all?  Where will we go? What will we do, you may be wondering?)
          The situation is ironically quite easy to imagine and even more simple to experience.  After doing all of the right things...  Going to work every day, never calling off sick - putting in all of those extra hours.  The sacrifice and the dedication you had even kept you from your best fiends birthday because you had a deadline.  Then one day you realize that everyone is replaceable and that you have lost your job.  
        Three months ago, you were forced from your home... I am so sorry honey - why us? Why did this happen?  Can it get any worse? Where are the little ones; Billy, Annie and Kelly? They are in the car honey... Where are we going to sleep tonight?   Last night all we heard were gun shots. We cannot afford the gas to drive in circles all night again.  So where are we going to stay?  What are we going to do?  I don’t know! We cannot go to the shelter because the baby is too young. We cannot go to the other place because it is only for men. There are no family emergency shelters for us. We have to think of something – we have to come up with a solution. We need to feed the kids and get them somewhere to sleep. (This is what we consider an EMERGENCY)
          When you drive to work; look out your window and see all of the people living on the streets in Las Vegas - N. Las Vegas – Henderson - Boulder City. In almost every community in Southern Nevada we have homeless.

          Each year there will be 30,000 or more individuals that are homeless for 2 or more nights in Southern Nevada. We could not believe that this was accurate, so we went out on the streets to see how bad it really was. On one corner alone we counted over 30 individuals. On the opposite corner another 22 human beings.  Some were singles and some with children; one family we saw had 4 children. Of the people that we encountered we noticed that most their clothing couldn’t possibly keep them warm enough, some didn’t even wear shoes. There were people living in tents, some were in makeshift “forts” made of sheets and blankets and even some just in boxes. If you think about it they are the real lucky ones. They have some were to crawl into to get out of the weather. Southern Nevada has lots of desert and open land and many people don’t realize that a lot of homeless have made their way “off the grid” to live life in solitude. Some homeless have chosen this and others are forced into this life because society continues to reject them. 
          The worst thing about living on the streets and being homeless is not knowing what is going to happen to them in the hours and days to come.  Las Vegas can be a cold and scary place and with NO resources, with no way to help themselves, having no means to clean their clothes, store their belongings to go look for and interview for a job, much less actually be able to accept a job or career. These individuals are without food in their stomachs to keep them from hunger. Adults do not deserve to be discarded on the streets women do not need to be sleeping on cold, wet, hard cement and children certainly never did anything wrong yet they are not afforded the opportunity to have a place to call home. Children deserve to be safe and secure and at the very least have shelter to keep them out of the weather. 


           I cannot think of a single instance where a person shouldn’t be afforded the opportunity to get helped off the streets. No one deserves to be forced to live a homeless life. Las Vegas is a place of EXCESS – Las Vegas has excess food in restaurants and buffets, excess entertainment, excess lights, excess fun, and excess fortune. We have theatric and eccentric shows promoting the good life. Drinks get passed around the casino floors and handed out for free.  For some individuals a hot meal, clean clothes, and some emergency lodging is what they really need to get them off the street, on their feet and a fresh start. This fresh start will help them with the ability to secure a job. It is inhumane to turn our backs on these less fortunate when they are in trouble. What if it was you? Your spouse? Your children? A family member? Or a close friend? Situations and circumstances happen – do not think you are invincible and that this could never happen to you. Bad things happen to good people, unfortunately! 



          While we were on the streets we spoke with several Veterans. Our Assistant Executive Director is a US Marine Corps Veteran so this hits near and dear to our hearts. Reported by the Las Vegas Review Journal - The number of homeless Veterans in Las Vegas and Clark County rose slightly from 2015. The count in January stood at 730 homeless veterans for the local area, compared to 692 in January 2015, a 5.5 percent increase. Of those counted locally this past January, 402 were living on the streets and 328 were in shelters. These Veterans are not just the ones from Vietnam; these are Veterans from the Gulf Wars and even our current conflicts. These warriors served our country honorably because they LOVE our country. Now they sleep on the streets that their service protected and they scavenge through the local dumpsters for food. Just because Veterans are fighters and able to create solutions to the missions they encounter doesn’t mean that they should be forced to be survivors, when they return to the country they fought for. We need to turn our attention to our Veterans. They fought for our country because they love our country and now we need to LOVE our Veterans.





       Someone is needed to help! That someone is US - and when I say us, I mean YOU and Ameriway Charities.  I know that together we can help those in their time of greatest need. Our 2018 mission is to focus on people with emergencies and those homeless in the streets of Southern Nevada, along with our regular programs. There is A LOT for US to do – (there is that word US, again) Ameriway Charities and YOU! We need to bring together EVERY physical and financially able person; teeming up and partnering with Ameriway Charities. 

          Can you volunteer and financially support us in our first quarter goal to fundraise $ 100,000, supporting our 2018 mission? We will be doubling our efforts each quarter. While doubling our fundraising efforts, we will be doubling our assistance as well. Our 2018 mission while continuing our core programs is to assist people in need with focus on the homeless and people with emergencies Southern Nevada. 


                                                        INDIVIDUALS THAT ARE OUR IMMEDIATE FOCUS: 

1. Homeless and unemployed Single Mother of 3 with a Blue Nose Puppy.  She has been homeless since November 2016, right before Thanksgiving.  This family lives out of their car as well as friends or stranger's couches or any floor that will have them.  Even though several families have opened their homes and offered long term housing; Ms. L does not want to impose nor overstay her welcome, so she is reluctant to stay in one place very long.  

2. Homeless Single mother of 3 with 1 still at home; lost everything in house fire in August 2017.  Mrs. N was displaced from her home in August of 2017 when the apartment next to her caught fire from illegal drug manufacturing and their apartment was destroyed due to the fire.  The fire spread so quickly that all 6 units were engulfed in the matter of minutes.  The 2 nearly escaped with the clothes on their backs and the mother’s purse.  All that they have left at this point they were wearing.   The Red Cross gave them $500.00 for housing and wished them good luck.  The money from the Red Cross provided them a place to stay for a few nights and some basic necessities.  The community did come together and provided them with household goods, furniture and all types of different size clothing.  Both the Mother and the Daughter work full time cleaning homes and in retail but it still is not enough to catch up from their loss much less get stable or ahead.  Each month they are hundreds of dollars short and falling deeper into debt.

3. A Marine Corps Veteran, single Male father of 5 wrongly accused of criminal activity currently pending trial.  The accusations were enough though to start an avalanche of personal and professional devastation.  This Marine lives in and out of shelters supplemented by time on the streets. As Veterans are able to do, he consolidated his entire life into a small rucksack, which is roughly the size of a small backpack.  All the while, Mr. V has tucked away his emotions and his joy, his happiness and his desire, deep down in a box much smaller than the backpack that holds his life’s belongings.  Stone faced with the "Thousand Yard Stare" he continues his current mission: to prove his innocence. 
4. Ms. M became homeless when her boyfriend of several years and father to their unborn child left her with nothing but the bills and a broken heart.  Having no family to rely upon and being from out of state she struggled to make it even to her eviction.   Her life was complicated further by the fact that she suffers from an incurable auto immune disease that produces unbearable muscle spasms and high levels of pain that lasts for hours. During the final weeks and days of her pregnancy Ms. M really did some soul searching and determined that it was in the child’s best interest that she be adopted.  The beautiful child is well taken care of by a wonderful young family and Ms. M knows that although a difficult decision, it was the best decision for the child.  Although she is no longer able to live out her dream of starting a family and having children her dream is to still eventually have a family.  She prays daily that she is able to locate a legitimate job and get off the streets and locate a safe and secure space that she can call home.
          As the campaign progresses I hope to report back great news on how we were able to help each of these individuals and many more.  This can only be accomplished with your financial help and generous contributions.  
          Here is the math:  Southern Nevada has roughly 600,000 adults if you push this campaign to everyone in your social media circles and each adult in Southern Nevada donates ONE DOLLAR - just $1.00 - we will crush our first quarter $ 100k goal and bring in $600,000.00 say it with me SIX - HUNDRED  - THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!  Not only that we will be able to help the families that I have written about and many, many more just like them.  We would be able to help families as well as single individuals, injured individuals, transient individuals and possibly even individuals that never thought they would see any help.  All this for LESS than one of the dollar menu burgers that are more than one dollar.  

What if 600k people each gave $5 or $10 or $15.00?

If we averaged simply $10.00 from every adult in Southern Nevada that would produce $6,000.000.00 SIX MILLION DOLLARS!  Think about all of the households, families and single individuals that type of money could help with.

HELPING THOSE IN NEED would not be possible without your generous support and our willingness to help. Let’s partner together on the front lines of fighting poverty in our streets, in our towns in our communities.  Together; You and Ameriway Charities - a 501c3 Non-Profit organization can put an end to the struggles that these people experience and should not have to.

Thank you & GOD BLESS 

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Ameriway Mission for 2018 Fight HOMELESSNESS - Help the POOR, NEEDY, MISFORTUNED AND PEOPLE WITH EMERGENCIES within our communities. A PROBLEM that CAN be SOLVED with HELP from YOU and AMERIWAY!


ARE Roadside stands are doing great, We are selling Vegas strong tee shrits and various merchandise that was donated to us by people and  Companys We have 3 stands out there, And there doing great, Through the efforts of theys stands, We are ale to help those in Need. They were able to fund The Oct 1 shooting victims disaster that impacted our great city,  With our total donations of $ 7.631.00 dollars which is a drop in the bucket, but every dollar counts, Also the 98.5 GREAT TOY DRIVE, Total $ 6.837.31 Given in 57 boys and grils bikes and cash and gift cards,Theys stands have greatly help us with are efforts in helping our Veterans and people and families in our Great City Of Las Vegas,  100 % OF ALL Funds Raised from they stands  go to our programs of helping thoses  in Need, The men and women that man theys stands are volunteers and Ameriway charities would like to Thank them, New addition to our fund raising Team is Mr Christian Mace and Mr Ronnie Murray we are glad to have them on out team, We are like to Thank all our fundraising team for doing a great job in 2017- And though There efforts we will be able to  help Thousand more in 2018, Thank you all..TJ Assistant Director of fundraising Ameriway Charities of So  Nev...12/12/17.. .

12/12/17  MERRY CHRISTMAS LAS VEGAS Ameriway Charities is having  another  GREAT HAM GIVEAWAY FOR CHRISTMAS Our fundraising unit  of Ameriway Charities,  Will have our roadside stands out in Las Vegas, We will be raising funds-And Receiving donations for Our great ham giveaway,   Vegas strong T-Shirts  hats toys tvs crook pots and -Games- for adults All funds raised through these efforts will go toward our GREAT HAM GIVEAWAY and 98.5 GREAT TOY DRIVE,  We will be giveaway 150 large hams to our Veterans in need , and to those families in need of food for Christmas  Holiday, Our hams will be given away on Wednesday December 20th If you are in need of a ham, For Christmas  Call us at Ameriway Charities at 702-980-0172  Monday-Thursdays 9am-3pm  To get on our list, or if you would like to donate a ham to a family in need-call us at 702-980-0172 Only one ham per  family,  Or if you would like to Make a Monetary donation to help with our GREAT HAM GIVEAWAY AND 98.5 GREAT TOY DRIVE You can donate on line at our Donate button  and specify on the comment line Great ham giveaway OR THE 98.5 GREAT TOY DRIVE,  and help a family in need in our Great city of Las Vegas  PAUL TARANTINO- EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR--AMERIWAY CHARITIES OF SOUTHERN NEVADA .....

             12/12/17   ARE ROADSIDE STANDS

UPDATE- 12/12/17 We have Surpass out quota and Donated 57 boys and girls bikes and $ 3,161.00 dollars in cash & Gift cards-So our Veterans and less fortunate can have a great Christmas  GOD BLESS YOU-LAS VEGAS-.AMERIWAY CHARITIES OF SO NEVADA.

Ameriway-charities has donated 22 bikes for kids at the 98.5  great toy drive - and our goal is to donate A Total of 50 bikes. also our goal is  $ 5,000            -$ 10,000 Dollars to make our people in Las Vegas to have a great Christmas for the less fortunate Families of our Great city, WE have our  road side stands selling Vegas strong Shrits and other things raising funds for the toy drive, our goal is $ 10,000 thousand dollars for the toy drive also can drop off a unwrapped toy  at our  Ameriway  boxs at any Albertsons store in Las Vegas and help the less Fortunate have a great Christmas,Thank you God Bless from Ameriway charities (And dont forget the meaning for Christams The brith of our Lord JESUS CHRIST,Again thank you God bless.....