Ameriway Charities’ mission in 2018 is to continue to run our regular programs of helping people in need. We will also be focusing on people with emergencies living in the streets in our communities of Southern Nevada: Las Vegas – Henderson - Boulder City.    Let me pose this question: what would you consider an emergency?  The bank is going to repossess my Mercedes Benz; I need to borrow $547.00. What about; I can’t go to the movies because I can’t afford the soda and popcorn. How about; I need $110.00 or they are going to cut off my cable TV. If this was all that we had to worry about, we could probably live with that.
          Now think about this situation: what if you were living on the streets? What if you had NO home to live in, no shelter to get out of the in climate weather, nowhere to lay your head, NO food nor money to purchase any. (What happened, you may be wondering?)
          The situation you are imagining is this; you have lost your job, three months ago, we were forced from our home. I am so sorry honey - why  us? Can it get any worse? Where are Billy, Ann and Kelly?  They are in the car honey.  Where are we going to sleep tonight? I don’t know!  We cannot go to the shelter because the baby is too young.  We cannot go to the other place because it is only for men.  There are no family emergency shelters for us.  We have to think of something – we have to come up with a solution.  We need to feed the kids and get them somewhere to sleep.  (This is what we consider an EMERGENCY)
          When you drive to work; look out your window and see all of the people living on the streets in Las Vegas - N. Las Vegas – Henderson - Boulder City.  In almost every community in Southern Nevada we have homeless.  Each year there will be 30,000 or more individuals that are homeless for 2 or more nights in Southern Nevada. We could not believe that this was accurate, so we went out on the streets to see how bad it really was.  On one corner alone we counted over 30 individuals.  Some singles and some with children; one family we saw had 4 children. Of the people that we encountered we noticed that their clothing couldn’t possibly keep them warm enough, some didn’t even wear shoes.   There were people living in tents, some were in makeshift “forts” made of sheets and blankets and even some just in boxes. If you think about it they are the real lucky ones.  They have some were to crawl into to get out of the weather.  Southern Nevada has lots of desert and open land and many people don’t realize that a lot of homeless have made their way “off the grid” to live life in solitude because society continues to reject them.  
          The worst thing about it they know not what was going to happen to them in the hours to come, Las Vegas can be a cold and scary place and with NO resources, with no way to help themselves, having no means to clean their clothes or to find a job.  These individuals are without food in their stomachs to keep them from hunger. Adults do not belong on the streets women do not belong on the streets and certainly children deserve to have a place to call home but at the very least shelter to keep them safe and secure.  I cannot think of a single instance where a person deserves to be forced to live a homeless life.  Las Vegas is a place of EXCESS – there is excess food, excess fun, and excess fortune.  We have theatric and eccentric shows promoting the good life.  For some a hot meal, clean clothes, and some emergency lodging is what they really need to get them off the street, on their feet and a fresh start. This fresh start will help them with the ability to secure a job. It is inhumane to turn our backs on these unfortunate when they are in trouble.  What if it was you? Your spouse? Your children? A family member? Or a close friend?  Situations and circumstances happen – do not think you are invincible and that this could never happen to you.  Bad things happen to good people, unfortunately!
          While we were on the streets we spoke with several Veterans. Our Assistant Executive Director is a  Veteran so this hits near and dear to our hearts.  Reported by the Las Vegas Review Journal - The number of homeless Veterans in Las Vegas and Clark County rose slightly from 2016.  The count in January stood at 730 homeless veterans for the local area, compared to 692 in January 2015, a 5.5 percent increase. Of those counted locally this past January, 402 were living on the streets and 328 were in shelters. These Veterans are not just the ones from Vietnam; these are Veterans from the Gulf Wars and even our current conflicts.  These warriors served our country honorably because they LOVE our country.  Now they sleep on the streets that their service protects. They hunt through dumpsters for food.  Just because Veterans are survivors doesn’t mean that they should be forced to be survivors.  We need to turn our attention to our Veterans.  They fought for our country because they love our country and now we need to LOVE our Veterans.
          Someone is needed to help!  That someone is US - and when I say us, I mean YOU and Ameriway Charities serving Las Vegas - N. Las Vegas – Henderson - Boulder City.  I know together that we can help those in their time of greatest need.  Our 2018 mission is to focus on people with emergencies and those homeless in the streets of Southern Nevada, along with our regular programs. There is A LOT for US to do – (there is that word US, again) Ameriway Charities and YOU! We need to bring together EVERY physical and financially able person; teeming up and partnering with Ameriway Charities.  Can you volunteer and financially support us to fundraise $100,000 in the first quarter of 2018, to support our 2018 mission? We will be doubling our efforts each quarter.  While doubling our fundraising efforts, we will be doubling our assistance as well.  Our 2018 mission while continuing our core programs is to assist people in need with focus on the homeless and people with emergencies Southern Nevada. 
          HELPING THOSE IN NEED would not be possible without your generous support and all of our willingness to help. Let’s partner together on the front lines of fighting poverty in our streets, in our towns in our communities.

Thank you & GOD BLESS

Ameriway Charities