Las Vegas, NV (April, 2017) – Ameriway Charities, a 501c3 nonprofit Humanitarian organization whose sole mission is to assist those in need, recently brought aboard an Assistant Executive Director to serve Ameriway Charities and its members as well as clients.

At Ameriway’s quarterly meeting, Executive Director Paul Tarantino welcomed Jeff M Miller Sr as the Assistant Executive Director with a short motivational speech.

Jeff M Miller Sr

Jeff M Miller.Has worked for over 14 years in the non-profit sector   He is committed to changing the world one relationship at a time, while helping those in need.

Since 2010 Mr Tarantino, has been a driving force in Boulder City in both raising awareness and funds for Ameriway Charities.  In his efforts, he has become more and more motivated and passionate about helping those in need.  He has been active with the Ameriway Charities as the Assistant Executive Director since its inception by his late wife Mrs. Cheryl Tarantino the Executive Director.  Prior to Ameriway, Paul was present and instrumental in the growth of Las Vegas over the past three decades enjoying the emotional rollercoaster of the real estate industry. 

Ameriway Charities helps everyone to include; Veterans, Seniors, Felons, Students and Homeless families in the streets of Southern Nevada in addition to all of those in need. Ameriway has been distributing donated items to those in need, assisting homeless, recently housed individuals and even individuals that just need a helping hand up or boost up. You may never see that person who is struggling, who is drowning, or who is grasping for their last "breath" of air.

Every day, 22 American veterans commit suicide, totaling over 8,000 veteran suicides each year."                      -- Veterans Administration

Ameriway does not believe in the cookie cutter approach.  One size does NOT fit all. Our goal is to work with each individual that reaches out to us.  We help everyone from Veteran to the Elderly, The Homeless, Students, Children and everyone in need – regardless of sex, race, color or creed. NO MATTER who they are, we will to help.  For the millions of individuals and families nationally that are in need, we will be able to assist you as well.  As our organization grows our plan is to branch out state by state to cover the entire United States of America.  Ameriway sees a way to help combat the challenges that so many people have and it’s simply matter of time before we are able to reach from coast to coast.


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